For fabric, rug and carpet spills, spot cleaning and regular cleaning it is suggested to follow the items manufacturers suggestions, even though it has been protected by MicroSeal there is no need to change their recomendations, the process will be a lot easier due to the MicroSeal protection. Below are links to Warwick Fabrics suggestions and also the WoolSafe Organisation suggestions for Carpet and Rugs, although some unique Rugs need special care by a professional and rapid extraction by  MicroSeal sponge or white towel is suggested prior to contacting them.

Warwick Fabrics Stain Removal Suggestions

WoolSafe Stain Wizard for Carpet & Rugs



                                          FOR CARPET or RUG SPILLS

If your carpet has been MicroSealed first blot with a paper or cotton towel. If the stain persists use a spray bottle with 50% water & 50% white vinegar and keep blotting. Be careful not to rub too vigorously as this may cause permanent fabric distortion.

If your carpet has NOT been MicroSealed, try the tips below.

Water-Based Stains (click here)
Alcohol Grape Juice
Baby Formula Graphite
Beer Ice Cream
Blood Jelly
Candy Latex Paint
Catsup Liquor
Chocolate Milk Milk
Clay Soil Spots
Cola Soft Drinks
Cologne Syrup
Cranberry Juice Tomato Juice
Felt Tip Marker Water Colors
Food Stains (general) Watermelon
Fruit Juice Whiskey
Fruit Punch Wine
Furniture Polish

Special Water-Based Stains (click here)
Coffee Tea

Greasy, Oil-Based Stains (click here)
Butter Margarine
Chocolate Mascara
Cooking Oil Mayonnaise
Cosmetics Nail Polish
Crayon Oil
Furniture Dye Oil Paint
Furniture Polish
Glue* Peanut Butter
Gravy Rouge
Grease (black) Salad Dressing
Gum* Spaghetti
Hand Cream Wax*
Ink Varnish
*Freeze and remove solid materials before using cleaning fluid.


                                       R   E   C   O   G   N   I   Z   E   D       W   O   R   L   D   W   I   D   E      A   S      T   H   E      B   E   S   T

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