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                                                                                   Real World Testimonies

                                                                            10 year testimony


In July of 2000, Susan K.  had both of her sofas MicroSealed (back and pillows are 100% silk, seat decks are 100% wool). The sofas sat in the same solarium of her High-Rise downtown  Condomium for over 10 years. "I was so impressed at how our sofa's had not faded, that I called Lance again to MicroSeal our recently installed furnishings including all of the wall to wall 100% Wool carpeting"  (Below photos of 10 year old sofa taken 12-13-10)








                                                                         12 year testimony


"Twelve years ago I had my 70% silk (and the rest poly-cotton) blend sofa MicroSealed. We allowed this beautiful delicate sofa, believe it or not, to be used constantly by our children and their friends!  I remember easily wiping up coffee spills during their teenage years. Not once did I need to have it professionally cleaned.  Other than minimal sun fading on a few small areas, the sofa looked new even after twelve years of heavy use! After our children moved out, I did have the sofa re-upholstered to match our new decor and of course had all of the new furnishings MicroSealed. I highly recommend MicroSeal to my friends and clients"       - Kim Grieff, Residential Designer, AJS Designs  [email protected]



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