What to expect from your MicroSeal Protection:

 Before you can use your treated products:  

  • Drying time ranges between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on what it is applied to and conditions, items can be used straight away after this period.
  • Full Cure time is 3-4 days. Microseal protection is not FULLY effective until the 5th day.  At this point your Warranty begins.

MicroSeal is not warranted to protect against highly acidic stains e.g. Urine, bleach, iodine, ink or food dyes.


MicroSeal does not make your product invulnerable, but does give you the BEST POSSIBLE chance of stain removal yourself or by a professional, all fabrics can be permanently stained by perspiration and soiling, MicroSeal is recognised worldwide as the best possible fabric protection. Regular maintenance cleaning by a professional in accordance with the manufacturers specifications is advised so that cleaning does not become a restoration clean, you will not need to reapply MicroSeal after regular maintenance cleaning. MicroSeal is independently lab tested and verified to provide significant reduction to UV fading on a wide variety of fibres, but due to variables such as dye types, quality, processes and conditions it is not possible to warrant against colour loss.




There is no need to vary from the manufactures recommended cleaning methods after the MicroSeal application

Upholstery Spills

Check cleaning instructions tag. If none then assume fabric is Dry Clean Only

If fabric is Dry Clean Only Then blot with a paper towel. DO NOT USE WATER. For further help, call a MicroSeal Professional

If not Dry Clean Only, Then Home Pro Spot Cleaner is available from MicroSeal New Zealand

Carpet spills

Use MicroSeal Home Pro Spotter or Water & white distilled vinegar, 50:50 is recommended

If Hand-made carpets (Rugs), Then consult your salesperson


Oil Based Spills  

The spill may not bead because the weight of the oil will drive the stain between the fibres.

However the MicroSeal application causes the spills to be suspended between the fibres and not absorbed.

While still wet, apply a paper towel to absorb the oil. Oil based stains are the easiest stains for professional cleaners to address.



The type of fabric, the type of liquid, hot liquids, or the height of the spill will affect beading


If you are ever unsure on how to deal with a spill – call your Microseal Professional as soon as possible for more in depth spill advice.

If we can’t help you over the phone we will promptly have a professional cleaner go to your location (a service charge will apply) if you are dissatisfied, providing warranty guidelines above are met we will happily refund you accordingly, this is a lifetime service warranty that withstands up to 9 commercial cleanings!


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